Getting There


Getting to Palm Island is an adventure, but just part of the experience!

Getting to Palm Island

Barbados Flight

Palm Island will assist you with booking your scenic inter-island flight from Barbados to nearby Union Island. From there, it's just a quick ten minute boat ride aboard our Palm Island shuttle from Union Island to Palm Island. Your welcome drink is waiting!
International arrival and departure details must be noted on original reservation request.

Complete names and birth dates, as appearing on passport, should be given. Palm Island will book the best connecting flights from Barbados to Union Island and advise you of these flight details once confirmed.

For stays of 7 nights or longer, the cost of the inter-island flight from Barbados is included. For stays of less than 7 nights, the cost of the inter-island flight from Barbados is US$575 per person (May not be applicable to special offers and/or discounted rates).
For stays of less than 7 nights, the Reservation Office can confirm inter-island air reservations, but will require the credit card for the air at the time of booking.
A Palm Island representative will meet and assist guests upon arrival into Barbados. Guests will NOT clear customs in Barbados, but will proceed to the inter-island flight desk and stay in the Barbados Airport Terminal, which has shops and food.
All luggage will be collected and transferred to the Union Island flight by our representatives.
Guest will clear customs upon arrival to Union Island and will be met by our Palm Island crew.

Boat transfers for all guests from Union Island to Palm Island and back are included.

Palm Island will advise all guests of their departure time from Palm Island on the homeward journey.

Latest departure time from Barbados is 16:00 HOURS. Failure to arrive for check in at this time results in an overnight hotel supplement in Barbados and clients will be booked onto the next available flight. Charges for flights may apply for missed connections. Palm Island cannot be held accountable for any charges incurred by missed connections due to incoming international services. Amendments to flights may incur additional charges. On Return: Earliest departure from Union Island is 11:00 or 13:30 HOURS

WINTER 10:45 and 14:55 HOURS | SUMMER 11:00 and 13:30 HOURS


Allowance of 1 standard piece of carry-on luggage per passenger not to exceed 13 lbs. Free checked baggage allowance will be one (1) bag per passenger not to exceed 44 lbs. A second checked bag not to exceed 44 lbs will be US$50 per bag. A third checked bag not to exceed 44 lbs will be US$100.00 per bag. The maximum number of checked bags allowed per passenger will be 3 bags. We always recommend traveling light and bringing the minimum amount of luggage to avoid airport and transfer delays.


Late Luggage


Due to the limitations of inter-island flights, there is the possibility that a guest's luggage may not arrive at Palm Island at the same time the guest arrives. Therefore, we require all guests booked at Palm Island to pack a carry on bag with a change of clothes and necessary toiletries in the event their checked luggage does not arrive at Palm Island until the following day.

Inter-island flight from Barbados to nearby Union Island